The Region and A Child’s World are partners in providing subsidized child care to you. As a result, the Subsidy Worker and Supervisor will be jointly monitoring attendance and absent days of all children.

  • The subsidy worker will tell the Supervisor the approved schedule your child will be able to attend the centre.
  • If you wish to send your child on a day that you are not approved for, you must either get approval in advance from your Subsidy Worker or you will be required to pay full fees for that day.
  • Mis-use of the child care space could result in the loss of the subsidized space for your child.
  • Inconsistent attendance could result in a change to your child’s schedule or the loss of the subsidized space.
  • Extreme circumstances will be taken into consideration. Please talk to your Subsidy worker.
  • You must tell your centre Supervisor at least two weeks in advance if you are taking your child out of the centre. Failure to notify your Supervisor could result in you having to pay for two weeks of the child care fees.