The Board of Directors’ members sign a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of their term in office.

Board of Directors’ members must keep in confidence any matters that are identified below as confidential.

Board of Directors’ minutes are posted in the child care centre for all members to read.

Yearly audited Financial Statements are available to all members and will be posted in each centre.

The Board of Directors’ Financial Reports, (income statements), will not be posted in the centre and are to be kept confidential by the members.

General members wanting to see the Income Statements provided to the Board can do so by calling the Administration Office to set up a time to meet with the Executive Director or Treasurer.

Personnel issues, litigation, property acquisition and all other matters of a “sensitive” nature will be removed from minutes posted in the centres for all members to read. The Executive Director and/or the President will determine what is considered sensitive. At any time any Board Member can request that something be considered confidential.

Upon resignation from the Board, the Director will return all minutes, financial statements etc. to the Administration Office or ensure they are shredded and appropriately discarded.

The Role of a Board of Director

  • Determine and regularly review the corporation’s mission and purpose.
  • Establish policy and overall objectives.
  • Guide the affairs of ACW to achieve it’s goals.
  • Ensure effective long and short term planning.
  • Monitor the organizations programs and services.
  • Ensure adequate resources.
  • Ensure ongoing communication with members.
  • Advocate on behalf of ACW, it’s values and beliefs.
  • Assess it’s own performance and succession planning
  • Support the corporation’s various fund-raising events.

Expectations of a Board Director

  • Provide personal information for contact and mailing purposes.
  • Attend board meetings regularly and on time, giving advanced regrets if unable to attend.
  • Read board packages in advance of the meetings.
  • Actively participate in discussion & decision making.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest where possible.
  • Direct members or employees to the appropriate person whenever required.
  • Refrain from trying to directly handle matters of an operations nature.
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement promising to keep information in suitable confidence and to avoid using such information for personal gain.
  • Resign promptly if unable to fulfill their obligations.


“I started as a Parent Representative, and now I am on the Executive Committee of the Board. It has been very rewarding to be the voice for others, and to be part of such an excellent team of people providing quality child care.”