Mission Statement Mandate & Core Values

Mission Statement/ Mandate/ Core Values

To provide quality early learning and child care.


  • To provide a respectful, nurturing, intellectually stimulating, pro social atmosphere.
  • To assist children in school readiness through the enhancement of the child’s physical health and well being, social competence, emotional maturity, language and cognitive development, communication skills and general knowledge.
  • To provide programs and services to the community to implement and foster the mission of the corporation and the objectives of its members.
  • To provide leadership within the early learning and child care community in Niagara.
  • To advocate for support and recognition of the value of early learning.
  • To raise awareness and support for the fundraising efforts of the Foundation for Quality Child Care.
  • To ensure ongoing staff development.
  • To ensure compliance with all relevant legislation.
  • To support parents and families with information, resources and referrals.

Core Values

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Compassion and concern for the well being of others
  • Excellence in staffing
  • Recognition and respect…
    • for the parent/guardian as the primary care giver and decision maker for their child.
  • Respect and nurturing…
    • of children’s natural interests, talents and learning strategies.
  • Provision of…
    • opportunities for expression of a child’s individuality
    • opportunities for learning through supportive, problem and play based experiences.
    • opportunities for physical, social, emotional and intellectual development in a safe environment

There are no constraints within the mandate of our organization which would limit us in the way we provide service or to whom we would provide those services to.



Creating an enriched foundation for children and families.