Payment of Fees

Payment of Fees
If you wish to have your child in our care prior to receiving subsidy approval, full payment of child care fees must be paid for the booked child care space until the subsidy approval for your child is received by the Supervisor from the Case Worker. A refund will be issued to you once the Supervisor receives the subsidy approval based on the date approved.

Once approved for Subsidy the Regional Municipality of Niagara will pay the centre for your child to attend. You will be advised by the Case Worker the number of absent days the Region will pay our centre for. This is based on your child’s schedule of days. Those absent days are  to be used for sick days, vacation days and statutory holidays.

Our policy for payment of fees is that all days must be paid for whether you attend or not. If you use more absent days than the Region pays us for you will be required to pay the full fee for any future absent days. 

All families eligible for partial subsidy must pay the applicable portion of their child care fees as set by the Subsidy Worker.

A Child’s World- Family Child Care Services of Niagara offers a convenient way to pay for your child care fees. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) allows payments to be made be either chequing or savings account transfers.

Failure to make payments for two weeks or more will result in termination of your child’s care. Two weeks written notice of withdrawal, must be given to the centre Supervisor. Payment will be required whether the space is being used or not. Two weeks of child care fees will be charged if the parent fails to give notice.

Unpaid accounts will be sent to a collection agency within two weeks after withdrawal.