Family Child Care Services of Niagara

Established in 1970, A Child’s World is a non-profit organization, which provides quality care for children, infant to 12 years old. It currently operates 23 centres in six municipalities within the Niagara Region.

Like the children we have cared for, our organization has grown and flourished during the past four decades. The secret to our success has been our people. We have talented, dedicated and caring staff, who create an environment for children that is both loving and intellectually stimulating.

Children are our most precious resource and the first six years of their life determines their future.

The Early Years Study released last year confirmed what Early Childhood Educators have known all along: the first six years are pivotal to a child’s ability to learn and create, to love, to trust and to develop a strong sense of themselves. What’s more, how we care for our children in their earliest years has a profound impact on how productive, resilient, compassionate and confident they will be as adults.

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