Once a year Educators are recognized for the valuable role they play to A Child’s World and the families and children we serve. Educators are honoured at our annual Organizational Staff Meeting each year. Awards along with service pins are presented to Educators who have reached their 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year anniversaries. Congratulations to the following Educators who received pins in the last few years:


FOR 5 YEARS OF SERVICE: Cherri Dobbie, Maartje Sliter, Sara Olsen Jane Bochansky Jane Taylor, Francine Caruso, Eilea Smith, Vicky Zhu, Tara Langeraap, Marlon Romyn, Bobbi Whitaker

FOR 10 YEARS OF SERVICE: Andrea Perrella

FOR 15 YEARS OF SERVICE: Anna Warren, Linda Belanger, Kathleen Kiss, Barbara Dykstra

FOR 20 YEARS OF SERVICE: Chris McIntosh, Ramona Cronkwright

FOR 25 YEARS OF SERVICE: Tara DelVecchio


FOR 5 YEARS OF SERVICE: Morgan Allan, Jessica Beauregard, Tracey Bouwmeester, Tori Dobbie, Natasha Freitas, Courtney Hancock, Olivia Mayer, Megan Winfrey

FOR 10 YEARS OF SERVICE: Linda Caron, Tabitha Gracey-Laszlo, Cynthia Pitul, Ashley Reeh, Allison Vankralingen

FOR 15 YEARS OF SERVICE: Jenn Bielby-Smith, Marsha Case, Andrea Gasperetti, Laura Little, Jamie McCormack, Sarah Nielson, Isabel Plett

FOR 20 YEARS OF SERVICE: Cindy Cunningham, Christian Dignard, Catherine Manette, Linda Moore, Katherine Parker

FOR  25 YEARS OF SERVICE: Karen Beardwood-Fedun, Kim Munroe, Kathy Paul, Jennifer Thomas

FOR 30 YEARS OF SERVICE: Cathy Wittmaier


FOR 5 YEARS OF SERVICE: Marylynn Kiers, Natasha Vogin, Jasmine Duquette, Amanda Kaine, Courtney Ravalec, Shestine Beauchamp, Alison Laverty, Rachel Radford, Karen Barnhill, Grace Kilts, Tina Keza, Sarah Dyck, Marie Calixte

FOR 10 YEARS OF SERVICE: Wayne Komsa, Meghan Kiss, Maria McKee, Emily DeOliviera, Stephanie Woodcock, Alicia Brown, Melany Cortez, Anabela Rocha

FOR 15 YEARS OF SERVICE: Maria Howell, Kellie Porter, Kenzie Leitch, Laura Jutras, Jade Ralph

FOR 20 YEARS OF SERVICE: Debbie Grundy, Autumn Ross, Cornelia Schupp Fitzpatrick

FOR 30 YEARS OF SERVICE: Marena Doucette, Josie Falusi, Kerry Shedden




Each year an Educator is awarded with the Barb Sockovie Award of Excellence. This exciting award recognizes an Educator in our organization who truly demonstrates excellence within the following four areas: families, centre, profession and the community. Nominations are open to all Educators of A Child’s World. The winner receives a $250.00 continuing education gift certificate and is recognized by their peers at the Organizational Educator Meeting.


In 2013, the 1st Annual Steve Noyes Award was introduced. This award recognizes an Educator in our Organization that demonstrates excellence through commitment to the ECE profession. The winner receives $160.00 towards their College of ECE Membership for the year.

The following are the 2021 recipients:

Congratulations to Maria Howell, recipient of the 2021 Barb Sockovie Award of Excellence!

Congratulations to Marie Calixte, recipient of the Steve Noyes Award presented for the year 2021.