Applying for Subsidy

1. Niagara Region Child Care Waitlist- ONeList

For a child care space at any of our child care locations, parents must first visit the ONelist website; to put his/her name on the waitlist.

2. Applying for assistance with child care fees

For assistance with child care fees visit

Or call 905-980-6000 or 1-800-263-7215 ext. 3897


  1. Parents must visit the Onelist website; to put his/her name on the waitlist for any child care space.
  2. Parents should meet with a Caseworker to determine eligibility as soon as possible. The Caseworker will determine how many days per week and the hours per day the child is allowed to attend the centre.
  3. If parents wish to start their child prior to receiving subsidy approval, they must pay full child care fees. Once the Supervisor of the centre receives the subsidy approval in writing from the Caseworker, the child can begin on the start date approved, (depending on the availability of space).

 Parents are responsible for informing the Caseworker of any changes in their address, phone number, employment, school or training circumstances. This includes a change in the number of days required, or a change in work hours. Failure to notify the Caseworker of changes could result in the loss of subsidy.

The Region and A Child’s World are partners in providing subsidized child care to you. As a result, the Case Worker and Supervisor will be jointly monitoring attendance and absent days of all children.

  • The Case Worker will inform the Supervisor the approved schedule your child will be able to attend the centre.
  • If you wish to send your child on a day that you are not approved for, you must either recieve approval in advance from your Case Worker or you will be required to pay full fees for that day.
  • Mis-use of the child care space could result in the loss of the subsidized space for your child.
  • Inconsistent attendance could result in a change to your child’s schedule or the loss of the subsidized space.
  • Extreme circumstances will be taken into consideration. Please talk to your Case Worker.
  • You must inform your centre Supervisor at least two weeks in advance if you are withdrawing your child from the centre. Failure to notify your Supervisor could result in you having to pay for two weeks of the child care fees.