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Applying for Childcare Fee Subsidy

childcare subsidy

What is Ontario's child care fee subsidy?

The Ontario child care subsidy is a program that offers financial help to qualifying families and covers the expenses of daycare for children under the age of 13 years old. This program receives funding from the Provincial Government of Ontario, as well as from several First Nations communities and Municipal Governments. A Child’s World organization and the Niagara Region are partners in providing subsidized child care to you.

Who is eligible?

You may be eligible for financial assistance if your child is under 13 years old and if your income level and the reason for your need meet certain criteria. Your income and the income of your partner will determine the amount of financing available to you. Use the subsidy calculator to estimate your eligibility.

childcare subsidy eligibility

You can also estimate how much financial help you will receive:

1. On the Canada Revenue Agency tax form, verify the amount of your net income.

2. After that, deduct any payments made by the Federal Government for the Universal Child Care Benefit.

How to apply for a childcare subsidy?

  • Upload required documents.

(you can also drop them off in person at Children's Services, send them in the mail, or fax the documents)

  • Or call 905-980-6000 or 1-800-263-7215 ext. 3897

Documents include:

» Currently applicable notice of assessment

» The Canadian Child Benefit

» Employment letter or request for service

For additional details about the Child Care Subsidy Program available in the Niagara Region visit page: Apply for childcare assistance

Approved Subsidy Policy:

Together, A Child’s World organization and the Niagara Region are able to subsidize eligible families and assist you in your childcare journey. As a result, the Case worker and the Supervisor will be monitoring children's attendance and absent days in the center.

After your application has been approved, the Caseworker will notify the Supervisor of the approved schedule for your child. If you wish your child to attend the center on a day that is not on the schedule, you will need to either get approval in advance or pay the full costs for the day.

Inconsistent attendance will lead to a change in your child’s schedule or you will lose your subsidized space. In addition, misuse of the daycare space could result in having your subsidy approval revoked.

If you wish to withdraw from the center, you are required to give a two-week written notice to the Supervisor. If you fail to provide in advance notice, the policy may require you to pay for two weeks'  child care fees.