Foundation for Quality Child Care

The Foundation for Quality Child Care acts as the fundraising arm of A Child’s World. It develops and implements fundraising activities to support the mission of A Child’s World. Through the Foundation, money is raised to invest in our work, children and Educators. We continually strive to improve our services and recognize the need for upgrades to our programs and facilities. Dollars raised through the Foundation will be put directly into our child care centres.

Your Donation will help to support A Child’s World with purchasing extra:
$20 craft supplies for 7 children
$50 an educational toy.
$75 a scooter board for outdoor play
$100 a preschool soft lounger or a paint easel
$150 a little tykes wagon for outdoor play
$200 a piece of furniture for the dramatic play area
$500 school age equipment (chairs, outdoor equipment)
$1,000 a stroller for infants/toddlers
$5,000 playground renovations
$10,000 an awning for shade in the playground

The Foundation for Quality Child Care is a registered charity and can issue official income tax receipts for the gifts it receives from personal and corporate donors.

Our charitable tax number is 10500 4790 RR 001.

Please feel free to visit to confirm our charitable status and review our charitable returns.