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Board of Directors

A Child's World is a non-profit organization that provides professional early childhood learning and child care in 19 centers across the Niagara Region. A Non-profit organization exists for charitable or philanthropic purposes and all profit is re-invested into the Corporation.

The Corporation is governed by a volunteer Board of voting Directors and the election occurs at the annual meeting and lasts for a term of 1 year or until their successor is appointed.

Board of Director 
  • Determine and review the corporation’s mission.
  • Establish policy and objectives.
  • Guide the affairs of ACW to achieve its goals.
  • Ensure effective long and short-term planning.
  • Monitor the programs and services.
  • Ensure adequate resources.
  • Ensure ongoing communication with members.
  • Advocate on behalf of ACW, its values, and beliefs.
  • Assess its own performance and succession planning
  • Support the corporation’s fund-raising events.
  • Attend board meetings regularly.
  • Read board packages prior to the meetings.
  • Actively participate in discussion & decision-making.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest where possible.
  • Direct employees to the appropriate service whenever required.
  • Refrain from directly handling matters of an operations nature.
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement promising to keep information in suitable confidence and to avoid using it for personal gain.
  • Resign promptly if unable to fulfill their obligations.


Current Board Members

Matt Greenfield


Stephanie Piniak

Vice Chair

Chris Steele


Kristie Mucciante



Andrea Wheaton


Jodi Noble


Sherrie Vittie


Board Meetings:

Meetings are held bi-monthly for the duration of 2 hours in Welland. The Chair of the Board is responsible to run the meetings and the Executive Director is a non-voting member. Decision-making is followed by a group discussion and a vote. Voting is based on majority rule and a tie is broken by the Chair’s vote.

Meeting Etiquette:

» All members must respect the right of others to speak and express their opinions.

» All members will respect the wishes of the Chair in directing and ending the discussion.

» All members will conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner.

Next Annual Meeting:      May 2025

Please contact the Administration office if you wish to talk to a Board member for inquiries. Also, if you are interested in a Board member position, please send your resume outlining your current and past volunteer experience to info@acw.on.ca

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