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A Child's World Employee Recognition

Once a year educators are recognized for the valuable role they play in A Child’s World based on their ability to improve children's achievements. Educators are recognized each year at our annual staff meeting and awards are presented to congratulate those who have achieved outstanding performance during their anniversary. Download the file below to see our educators list who received service pin presentations in the last few years:


A Child's world Employee Recognition


Awards for education recognition:



Each year an educator is awarded the Barb Sockovie Award of Excellence. This exciting award recognizes an educator in our organization who truly demonstrates excellence within the following four areas: families, center, profession, and the community. Nominations are open to all educators of A Child’s World. The winner receives a $250.00 continuing education certificate gift and is recognized by their peers at the organizational educator meeting.



This award recognizes an educator in our organization that demonstrates excellence through a commitment to the ECE profession. The winner receives $160.00 towards their College of ECE Membership for the year.