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Our organization is committed to the health and safety of our employees and the prevention of occupational injuries and disease. Our responsibility is to be the benchmark in managing and effectively communicating our health and safety programs and maintaining compliance with the occupational health and safety legislation and related regulations.

To this end, every employee is required to work in a safe and healthy manner and to promote a secure and hazard-free environment.


In A Child's World, we recognize that an essential part of our business is dependent on providing a safe and healthy environment while encouraging every individual to participate in health & safety programs. We support the efforts of our representatives to work safely and report all unsafe conditions to meet and exceed the government guidelines, standards, and regulations for a healthy working environment.

We believe that the incorporation and implementation of proven health and safety principles and practices are an effective way of providing responsible management and control, reducing, or eliminating accidents and illnesses.

A Child's Worls recognizes that an early and safe return to work program as promoted by the WSIB is an effective way of providing rehabilitation for the injured worker.

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