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Quality Child Care Niagara

ACW Quality child care

The Quality Child Care Niagara (QCCN) program is a strategy that is standardized and supported by research with the goal of improving the quality of Early Childhood Education. QCCN strengthened the foundation of child care in 7 areas. This approach encourages personalized education and practices, as well as the health, safety, and protection of each child, collaborative educators, the physical design and environment of the facility, equitable relationships with each child and between children, maintenance of collaborative partnerships with families, and professional leadership.

What do we value in quality child care?

Accountability - is a core value at Quality Child Care Niagara, and we place a high premium on our staff's commitment to implementing QCCN in alignment with organization policies, funding requirements, legislation, as well as the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice established by the College of Early Childhood Educators.

Engagement - QCCN encourages programs and strategies that build a connection between children, educators, and families and reflects their hopes, interests, and strength.

Inclusivity - QCCN recognizes, appreciates, and celebrates the uniqueness of every educator, child, and family.

Intentionality - The inquiry-based approach encourages educators at QCCN to prepare with purpose and meaning for their students.

Responsive - The educators at Quality Child Care Niagara are expected to make constant adjustments to their planning, environment, and experiences in order to meet the capabilities, and interests of the children and their families.

Reflective - QCCN places a high priority on the process of lifelong education, asking questions, and the use of critical thinking.

Respectful - QCCN recognizes that each early learning program, educator, child, and family is unique, competent, and capable.

Inviting Environments - QCCN Niagara understands the significance of providing children with interactive play areas that are creative, adaptable, and enjoyable in order to encourage responsible risk-taking that is unique to each child.

Commitment - Quality Child Care Niagara recognizes the importance of the loyalty and dedication of educators in their work to help the families and children of the Niagara Region.