A Child's World, Family Child Care Services of Niagara

A Child's World was established in 1970 as a non-profit organization to provide quality early learning and child care for children from birth till the end of Grade 5. We are proud to have a team of 100 + Educators that serve over 900 children in the Niagara Region.  The curriculum used in all of our licensed child care centers is based on “How Does Learning Happen?” – Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years.   Our team of dedicated, knowledgeable, caring, and curious Educators creates a loving,  stimulating learning environment each day focused on belonging, engagement, expression, and well-being.

ACW - Infant Program

Infant Program – birth – 18 months

Creating the foundation for lifelong learning.  Infant children learn predominantly through sensory experiences and our programs are rich in sensory experiences.  The Educators focus on creating a healthy relationship by providing a responsive, caring environment and planning for each child’s developmental level.

A Child's World- toddler program

Toddler Program - 18 months - 30 months

Building on the foundation for lifelong learning.  Toddler-age children are really expanding their language and gross motor development.  They parallel play along with their peers and are learning self-help skills and independence.  The Educators provide opportunities and activities to build and strengthen muscles, increase their vocabulary and understanding,  and foster their independence. 

A child's World - preschool

Preschool Program - 30 months - 3.8 years

Enhancing the foundation of lifelong learning.  Preschool children often demonstrate what they know about their world through pretend play.  The Educators observe and participate in the children’s play and provide open-ended questions and additional resources to extend and enhance the child’s learning through play experiences.

A Child's World - Kindergarten

Kinder Program - 3.8 years - 6 years

Expanding the foundations of lifelong learning.  Kinder-age children use their previously acquired knowledge and continue to build upon that knowledge.  They are developing social relationships with their peers and expanding their knowledge through collaboration.  The Educators provide small group activities and experiences based on the children’s interests and developmental level and facilitate positive interactions with peers.

School Age Program - 6 Years - End of Grade 5

Refining the foundations of lifelong learning.  The School Age children have a great sense of curiosity and they are open to new and interesting ideas about the world.  They have already mastered some skills but are ready for any challenge.  The Educators provide activities and opportunities to spark curiosity and engagement, peer collaboration, expression, and open communication.

A child's World - Hiring

Are you interested in being an Early Childhood Educator?

A Child's World with 19 centers located throughout the Niagara Region, offers opportunities to be a part of our children's growth journey. Since opening the organization in 1970, ACW has grown to become a leader in early childhood education and training the most talented educators across the Region. We are always looking for candidates who are caring, enthusiastic, resilient and seeking a career that enables you to make a difference in each child's world.

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A Child's World Mission

A Child's World, Family Child Care Services of Niagara

Like the children we have cared for, our organization has grown and flourished during the past four decades. When enrolling your child in an ACW center you will find:

⇒ Highly trained RECEs.

⇒ All of our centers are regulated and licensed by the Ministry of Education and exceed all minimum requirements.

⇒ A variety of activities to stimulate and foster development in children of all ages.

⇒ Summer Care programs during July and August.

⇒ A warm, inviting, and supportive home-like environment.